Monday 4 March 2013

How to solve the “Could not determine storage version; a valid storage connection or a version hint is required” in Microsoft Ligthswitch?

To solve the “Could not determine storage version; a valid storage connection or a version hint is required” when updating the data sources  in Microsoft Ligthswitch, you need to modify the Data\ApplicationDefinition.lsml file to match your ConnectionStringGuid with the ServerGenerated\Web.Config.

Error Display

Notice the red boxes in the above diagram. It is the applicationdefination.lsml file with the ConnectionStringGuid property. The vale of the property should match to the web.config file as shown below.

The above technique works in 95 percent cases. But it works all the time for me. I hope it will work for you. 

Thanks to Harold Gleen P Minerva


Unknown said...

This is an exact copy (with only the color of the boxes changed) of Harold Minerva's article (, which was posted a year prior to yours. It even has the same spelling error in the title. You should credit the original author when you use their work.

Unknown said...

Hi Yann,

Sorry for this, I had not desire to take the credit of other author's work. I also want to give the credit to the original author. Actually this blog is created for myself use only. Whenever I found any new problem's solution from net or by myself then instead of remembering that url link I put that code on my blog so that I can refer that page in future for the same type problem. Actually I am creating this blog as a notes.

Thanks Yann to write me!!

Unknown said...

You're welcome Harsh. You have to remember that if it's out there on the internet, then it's searchable, & other people will find it.

Even for your own use, you should be making a note of the original article, so that if you need to check something about it, or ask the author a question, you know where it came from.

I accept that it was simply an oversight, but you really should make sure that any article you get from somewhere else (especially when it's the whole article) has a reference to either the original article, or to the author.

Otherwise it's very easy for people to mistake what you're doing for plagiarism.