Sunday 5 May 2013

How to download Visual Studio 2012 update 2 to 4 offline?

Download Visual Studio 2012 update 2 and update 3 offline?
Introduction: Microsoft has lunched a new updation of visual studio 2012 that is called visual studio 2012 update 2. For this you have to download a file named VS2012.2.exe. When you will run this file then latest version of the visual studio will start installing on your system. This installation will be online. Every time this will be online. Every time this require internet connection. If you want to download this setup offline then this article will help you that how can you download this offline?

Follow the following steps carefully

Step1: Go to command Promote Display and navigate to the above vs2012.2.exe file.

Step2: write vs2012.2.exe /layout here 

Step3: Specify the path where you want to download this package. Please make sure that you have a sufficient memory. It require 1.80 GB approximate.

Step3:  The downloading process will be start and it gives you a message Setup Successful!

Step4: Go to the window explorer and check the downloaded file.

Step5: Click on VS2012.2.exe wile which is showing in above figure and step is going to start.

Step6: Click more info for more information about your installation. 

Step7: Go back and click on the Install button. Installation will be start.

Step8: This time you will see Installed successfully.

It was working for me.I hope It will also work for you and you will be able to download updated version offline. Due to this you can install on other systems where internet connection is not required. I found this solution after a long search. 

With the similar manner you can download update 3 RC and update 4 RC offline. Download VS2012.3 RC.exe and vs2012.4 RC.exe Rename them to VS2012.3.exe and vs2012.4.exe follow the same process. Downloading will start.

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