Sunday, 22 September 2013

JsonModelGenerator - Model loading failed

I have a VS2012 Update 3 Lightswitch project with a Silverlight and HTML client. It had been working fine for several months but now I get the latest version form the TFS and I'm getting a "JsonModelGenerator - Sequence contains more than one matching element" in file Microsoft.LightSwitch.Build.Tasks.targets line 208 column 5 where project is the HTMLClient.I am stuck with this error. But After a long search I have solved this solutions.

How to solve this error?

Please follow the following steps.

1. Open your lightswitch HtmlClient Project in visual studio.
2. Create a new Brows screen with selecting any table.
3. Now try to run your application. Your application will works fine.
4. Now remove the newly added screen from your application and try to run this. It will works fine.

I have resolved this error as given above. Please response is it working for you or not?

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